Auto Repair

•   Transmissions
•   Radiators
•   Air Conditioning
•   Alternators
•   Clutches
•   Timing Belts
•   Steering alignment
•   Engine Tuning
•   Overheating Issues
•   Electrical
•   Starters
•   Water Pumps

Auto Maintenance

•   Oil Change
•   Fluids Change
•   Tire Rotation / Tires
•   Tune Ups
•   Fuel Injection
•   "Check Engine" light
•   Belt and Hose Replacement
•   Detailing
•   Shocks / Struts
•   Air Filters
•   Computer Diagnostics
•   30k
•   60k
•   90k
•   120k
•   A & B Sevices

Restoration Services

•   Paint
•   Body Repair
•   Paint Repair
•   Engine Rebuilding

•   Interior


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At Legend Auto Care we are a full service auto repair facility. From minor maintenance to complete overhaul. The lists below give you an idea, but if you need something done that is not listed just give us a call. Chances are.... we have done it before. The Owner, J. Ketchum, has been in the industry for more than 27 years and has rebuilt vehicles from the ground up. We look forward to earning your business!