Warranty 60/60 (except A/C Repairs)

We warranty the parts and labor on your repair for 60 months or 60,000 miles (60/60) after the date of the repair, whichever comes first.  During that time we will repair or replace, at our option, any failed or defective parts that we installed as part of the repair.

Part of our repair process is a diagnostic procedure.  If this procedure reveals other problems, which, in our opinion, render a repair ineffective, we will tell you.  At this point, upon your approval, we will perform a diagnostic analysis, charged on an agreed price, to determine the nature of the problem, and will advise you of the services needed to resolve the problem, and the costs. Any parts and required labor installed as a result of this diagnosis will be covered under this warranty for 60/60. If you choose not to have the diagnostic analysis performed then you will be charged only for the vehicle verification procedure. If you request specific repairs to be completed after identification of problems which, in our opinion render said repairs ineffective then we will follow your request under a “no warranty/no refund” condition. If the vehicle verification procedure reveals that a repair will correct the problem then 1/2 the cost of the diagnostic  procedure is applied towards the tune-up

There is no warranty on diagnostic services. Diagnosis is only a snap shot in time of the performance of the vehicle at the time of the diagnosis and is only a “best guess” at that time based on an accumulation of pertinent data gathered by using diagnostic equipment and experience of the technician. If after performance of a diagnostic service by LA, someone else performs any work or service on the vehicle, all warranties will be void. LA will not warranty services performed by any one else.

We warranty the parts and labor on brake repair service for 36 months or 36,000 miles after the date of original service, whichever comes first.  During that time we will repair or replace, at our option any failed or defective parts that we originally sold and installed as part of the service.  Brake shoes and disc brake pads will be considered worn out when the minimum wearable thickness of the lining is below 25% of the original pad or shoe thickness. If parts are replaced, only parts of the same quality will be provided under warranty.

Brake pads contain metallic particles that can cause brakes to squeak, no brake warranty applies to squeaking brake pads or shoes, which contain metallic materials. Auto manufactures state that in most cases squeaking brakes are a normal condition and represent no safety or mechanical concern. Because lower grade aftermarket brake pads are made of lower quality semi-metallic materials they often squeak. Premium brake pads will be recommended on every brake service that requires brake pads. If premium pads are declined the brake pads will not be warrantied against squeaking.

We do not warranty rotors after machining.

Part of our brake service is a brake inspection.  If the inspection reveals other mechanical problems, which, in our opinion, will prevent us from restoring your brake system to its proper condition, we will tell you so.  If you do not want to proceed with the brake service, including the recommended additional repairs, there will be a charge for the inspection.  If you want to proceed with the brake service without performing all the recommended repairs, we will do so, but the repairs will be performed under a “no warranty/no refund” condition.  If within 30 days of the inspection you return the vehicle to LA and choose to have the entire recommend repair performed, your brakes repairs will be warrantied for 36/36.

When performing warranty service, we must restore the brake system to its prior condition for safe operation of the vehicle.  In some cases, this may require additional non-warranty parts or labor.  We will let you know if there will be any charge for this.  If you do not authorize the additional required parts and labor, our warranty service will void.


We warranty the parts and labor on air-conditioning service which were identified as part of a MTA AC diagnostic service for 3 months or 3,000 miles after the date of the service, whichever come first.  If the AC diagnosis reveals conditions that you choose not to repair but still request other AC services to be performed, these requested and performed services will be performed under a “no warranty” and “no refund” condition. Due the unpredictable nature of air conditioning systems that have failed or are working improperly, we at LA can only warranty the labor and parts that we perform and install as a result of an AC diagnosis. We are not responsible for parts that we did not install, such as hoses, valves, compressors, condensers, fittings, evaporators, switches, and clutches that fail after we have brought the system up to working condition and pressures. Freon addition only service is a no warranty, no refund service.


How to Get Warranty Service:
Save your service order receipt as proof of date/mileage at time of original service.  It is your responsibility to maintain proof of service and no warranty service will be performed without your service order receipt. If you are within 35 miles of LA, bring your vehicle and your service order receipt back to LA.  If you are outside the 35-mile limit, call (719) 502-9595 to obtain approval to make arrangements to have your vehicle taken to another repair center.  Remember, YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE VOID IF YOU HAVE ANY REPAIRS, REPLACEMENTS, OR ADJUSTMENTS DONE BY ANY PERSONS OTHER THAN AN AUTHORIZED SHOP by LA.

What is covered:
Refer to the specific warranty terms above for tune-ups, other engine work, air-conditioning and brake service.  Except as specified in this warranty, no other services are warrantied, and parts are sold subject to manufacturer’s warranty only, if any.

What is not covered:
(A) Damages resulting from accident, abuse, negligence, or repairs, replacement and/or adjustment performed by others;  (B) Reimbursement for parts, labor or work done by others, regardless of circumstances; (C) Components purchased from third parties and brought to LA for installation;  (D) Towing or vehicle rental, vehicle fare, loss of time or use of vehicle;  (E) Cash refunds of any kind, except where warrantied parts or labor continues to be defective after a reasonable number of attempts to repair by any LA Center. All refunds are at the discretion of the owner of the LA Center where the work was originally performed.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage:
All LA warranties apply only to private passenger vehicles and light trucks under normal operating conditions.  Commercial vehicles are excluded from the warranty.  Certain models of vehicles may be excluded.  You will be informed before any work is done if your model vehicle is excluded.  YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE VOID IF YOU HAVE ANY REPAIRS, REPLACEMENTS, OR ADJUSTMENTS DONE BY ANY PERSON OTHER THAN AS AUTHORIZED by LA.

Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is limited in duration to 36 months or 36,000 miles after the original service.  The exclusive remedies for all warranty claims are limited to repair, replacement, or refund (not to exceed the original invoice amount) as specifically provided in this written warranty.  LA expressly disclaims any liability for any other expense, loss or damage, whether direct, incidental, or consequential.  No one is authorized to extend or enlarge these warranties.

LA is locally owned and operated.  For further information contact Legend Auto Care at (719) 502-9595

Warranty Details